Greenbike USA GB1 500 Electric Bike Review

So after in-depth research and recognizing what I wanted in an electric bike, three models came out on top, but I wanted features the others didn’t offer. The biggy was for my height, the bike had to fit me comfortably. The other features I were fenders, the added bike rack was a bonus but more so was that it had lights front and rear, indicators and a horn. I mostly ride in the city scapes, luckily for us I live in a bike friendly area with miles and miles of paved biked path that you can ride along the ocean.

The other biggy was weight and fold ability which was a feature I greatly favored, easy in and out of my car and the weight was 57lbs which was much lighter then the other two I considered, which were Lectric, and Fat Tire Rad bike. Also like the step through features on all three.

So I ordered my bike on July 9th, and thought from all of my research that I was buying a product made and distributed in the USA, another reason for buying Greenbike USA, well low and behold my bike was being shipped form Asia, and I did not receive it until the end of Sept. I was one of those clients that kept emailing the company for updates, because my skepticism started setting in about on line scams etc.. the company always responded but they were not answering my questions directly, and I was getting responses like, because of the typhoons, and at that point I realized my bike was coming from Asia, and not made in the US. The company finally admitted that once they arrived they are shipped out of Florida and California. Well I live in Florida so thought it would be expedited quicker once arrived, however then found out it was being shipped from California.

Hurray the bike arrives and as you can see in the pics it was very well packaged, no damage that I could see, easy assembly, however came with no directions. Back on line I go to figure out what’s the fuse for and where does it go? There really were no detailed videos on assembly of this bike, so hence my blog post.

After everything was said and done I did speak with customer service and they are very helpful, so reach out. The only thing I find wrong with this bike is the cord that attaches the light assembly to the battery appears to be too short and disconnects every time to dismount the bike, so you have to remember to plug it back in each time, if you want your horn, lights and indicators to work.

I now leave my bike in the back of my car and bring in the battery and seat in to the house. So convenient for if I’m out and about and want to park anywhere and go for a ride.

One of my firsts trips out, I was riding and came a cross a state campground. They usually don’t let cars in but hey I’m on a bike, so I happened to follow a couple in and they got behind me and was saying something. I couldn’t hear and the fellow yelled out, hey you got a flat. Sure enough I did, and I was a long way from where I parked and it was getting dark. Well I put all my weight on the front end and stood up and got her back to my car just as it was getting dark, took about an hour. The next day I brought the bike in and my neighbour noticed the flat so he kindly came over with a better compressor then the one I had and we pumped up the rear tire and added air to the front. No idea why I lost air and did pump them both up when I first got the bike. Haven’t had an issue since, so not sure why I lost air. I will take it in to a local shop now that I’ve had the bike a couple months and have it checked out, also as on the videos the front brake does squeal a bit so will have those adjusted as well. All in all am pleased with my purchase and do recommend Greenbike USA. An accompaniment I did buy was a new helmet that also has some safety features like lights, speakers and indicators as well as it pairs to your phone, great sound the speakers are above the ears so doesn’t impair road traffic noise. Not overly concerned since I stick to bike paths and don’t ride in traffic.

Good luck all in choosing an ebike, hope my review helps.


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