Reupholstery Project: A Wicker Loveseat and Sofa

Knew that one day I would attack this project. COVID down time was an perfect opportunity to get busy with all those waiting projects.

I purchased this set off of market place for seventy five dollars. The back cushions are Ikea drapes, and the off white base fabric was given to me by a friend. Other purchases, were the green fabric, zippers, thread, adhesive spray and extra batten to use as filler. I couldn’t match the fabric I was given, is why I chose the green for the love seat.

Originally I was considering painting the wicker antique white, even thought about neon pastel green, however words of wisdom from friends and family said leave it for now and live with it, then decide.

The three back burgundy cushions were given to me, so I had to make two more for the love seat.

I used the burgundy covers as templates. In total I sewed ten covers. I wanted when washing them, you would be seeing a slip cover rather then the cushion batten.


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