Pierogis Paradise!

Quick and delicious, with the right amount of spice. Sauté onions, garlic, peppers and mushrooms in olive oil. Add boiled pierogis to the mix, season with salt and pepper and finish with dried chili’s and Parmesan cheese sprinkle. Enjoy!

Better Then Mac And Cheese!

Better way to enjoy, oh so cheesy sweet potatoes. Use a mandolin to slice the sweet potatoes and onions. Generously butter a baking dish. Layer the potato slices, onions, and cheese. Dot each layer with butter and sprinkle with cayenne pepper and salt. Bake at 375 for 40 minutes. Serve with crispy onion topping. So … More Better Then Mac And Cheese!


Brunch As It Should Be!

Make this and you will be in brunch heaven. SautĂ©ed onions, mushrooms and spinach, top with fiesta cheese blend, sizzled seasoned rib eye steak, thin cut, and top with fried egg. One could make this with blue cheese and or feta…eggs poached. This will not disappoint. Enjoy!

Turn An 8×10 Bedroom Into A Cozy Den And Office Space.

Turn a small room into a multifunctional space that works for you. Who says an office space has to look conventional. Keep in mind when buying furniture that it serves a multipurpose function and fits the space. This room is cozy and comfortable to work in, and functions as an office, den and guest bedroom. … More Turn An 8×10 Bedroom Into A Cozy Den And Office Space.

Homemade Beef Jerky

Sliced skirt steak marinated in Franks hot sauce. Lay flat on a baking sheet or roasting pan. Sprinkle with kosher or coarse sea salt. Bake on the lowest oven setting for 2.5-3 hours, turning half way. Store in a sealed container and refrigerate.

400 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage Turned Airbnb Retreat!

This project took a month to complete. It was great fun working with a very receptive client who saw this rundown cottage’s potential. The whole place was repainted and we added new flooring and a new kitchen. After a trip to IKEA, we then added furnishings and decorations. We attacked the landscaping and fenced in … More 400 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage Turned Airbnb Retreat!

Breakdown of Costs for Shipping Container Build!

Eco-design for a 640 sq. ft. build plus a 320 sq. ft. guest pool house with a 20’ shipping container pool. Smart home construction integrated with renewable energy technologies. More to come… Budget 70,000 – 120,000 Land 79,900 Survey 1,500 pd Architect 1,500 pd Engineering 500 – 2,000 Land Clearing 2,500 – 4,250 Impact Fees … More Breakdown of Costs for Shipping Container Build!

How to Decorate an Airbnb Room and Make It Welcoming!

I like to keep it simple, clean, and inviting by using crisp white linens and white luxurious towels. I provide essentials like a tissue box, travel shampoos, soap, toothpaste, and bottled water. I decorate the bedside with a local paper or calendar of events for the area. My last guests were so pleased with the … More How to Decorate an Airbnb Room and Make It Welcoming!

Stainless Steel Engraved Straw Campaign. Save Our Oceans and Sea Turtles! Buy a Bracelet and Support a Good Cause.

Stainless steel metal straws with personal engravings of local businesses, bars, and restaurants. The cause is to help get rid plastic straws to save sea turtles and our oceans. The bracelets are especially popular. I was gifted two of them and I like to wear them on my ankle. 4ocean The Ocean Cleanup