400 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage Turned Airbnb Retreat!

This project took a month to complete. It was great fun working with a very receptive client who saw this rundown cottage’s potential. The whole place was repainted and we added new flooring and a new kitchen. After a trip to IKEA, we then added furnishings and decorations. We attacked the landscaping and fenced in … More 400 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage Turned Airbnb Retreat!

Stainless Steel Engraved Straw Campaign. Save Our Oceans and Sea Turtles! Buy a Bracelet and Support a Good Cause.

Stainless steel metal straws with personal engravings of local businesses, bars, and restaurants. The cause is to help get rid plastic straws to save sea turtles and our oceans. The bracelets are especially popular. I was gifted two of them and I like to wear them on my ankle. 4ocean The Ocean Cleanup